Noise Armor

The world we live in today is heavily polluted with all kinds of noise, like RFI [radio frequency interference] and EMI [electromagnetic interference], which is radiated from most modern electronic devices. This noise pollution can find its way into your audio system through your audio cables because of their close proximity to other electrical devices and theĀ  power cords connected to your components. Noise Armor is a state-of-the-art, multi-layer shielding system consisting of anti-static, carbon-infused polyethylene and separately isolated layers of high-density, silver-plated copper screens. Noise Armor drastically reduces electrostatic- induced distortion, EMI / RFI generated noise, as well as vibration-induced distortion, for the most pristine and protected signal environment possible. When noise and interference are removed from a system, it can perform at its full potential. A lower noise floor dramatically increases resolution and dynamics. The end result is cleaner, more natural sounding music and the ability to hear every last detail of your recordings.