Sain Line Systems has partnered with the best cryogenic laboratory in the Midwest to treat our products. Every cable is placed into a computer -controlled cryogenic environment and is slowly cooled to temperatures under 300 below zero, held at that temperature for at least 24 hours, and then brought back to room temperature very slowly so as not to induce thermal shock. The rate at which the temperature is ramped up and down is of the upmost importance- too fast either way and damage could result. When applied correctly, however, cryogenic treatment of our cables produces fantastic results. Imagine the metal conductors inside the audio cables being squeezed from all sides at the same time under tremendous pressure. That is what such extreme temperatures do to the conductors. the process compacts the metal, forcing grain boundaries closer together, thereby making the metal more conductive to electricity. the resulting sound isĀ  smoother, more open, and detailed to our ears. Although time consuming and expensive, the cryogenic treatment elevates our audio cable performance to a higher standard.