The terminations and contact points in the connectors are critical to overall cable performance. Bad crimp or solder joints, along with low-quality, less-conductive connectors, are one of the leading causes of diminished cable performance. It is also one of the easiest things for a manufacturer to scrimp on, rarely do the customers see the inside of the cable. After trying a wide variety of connectors, we have concluded that ultra-pure, low-mass connectors have the least sonic coloration. Sain Line Systems takes great care in how these connectors are joined to the cable. In all of our cables, the conductors and the contact points inside the connectors are hand polished to remove surface contaminants and then treated with a state-of-the-art antioxidant before termination of the cable to connector. For cables that use solder connections, we employ minimum solder flow techniques, which result in a more conductive and consistent contact point. The solder joints are then thoroughly cleaned of all flux agents to prevent oxidation for long-term reliability and consistency of our cables. All connections will screw or crimp style terminations are secured with lock tight to prevent  coming loose over time, due to micro-phonic  vibration . Where necessary the inside of some connectors are potted with resin for vibration dampening and mechanical stability .