High quality and carefully selected materials are of the utmost importance for a good audio cable. Sain Line Systems prides itself on using parts and materials normally found in cables that cost far more. The conductors in our cables are hyper- pure metal, either silver or copper. The size of the conductor is chosen to reduce skin effect, and the metal is drawn through diamond dies for a perfect cross-section density. Our reference interconnect and speaker cables feature conductors that are hand polished to a mirror finish.They are treated with an antioxidant and insulated with state-of-the-art, low-loss dielectrics for the most transparent sound possible. The materials we use for our shielding are carbon-infused polyethylene and multi-layer, high-density, silver-plated copper screens, which are some of the most costly but best performing available. Sain Line Systems has tried many of the different connector options available and has found that the connectors themselves have a significant impact on the overall sound quality of any given cable. Interconnect, speaker, and even power cable performance improves when a superior connector is used. Although  costly, the WBT Nextgen and X-Shadow xlr low-mass connectors, plus the new Furutech carbon fiber connectors, are by far the best we have heard. The use of such expensive connectors and plugs adds significantly to the materials cost of our cables but are worth the sonic benefits to our product line.